A converter for Sound Designer 2 audio files
Rescue your legacy audio files
and bring them back to life
Sound Designer 2...?
Back in the early days of the Macintosh, the only choice for working with audio seriously was from products by Digidesign. Their most famous (and now ubiquitous) application ProTools followed on the heels of their previous app, Sound Designer II.
"SDII" very cleverly used a unique feature of the HFS file system in order to store the audio data separate from the metadata: they used the "Resource Fork" for the metadata, and the "Data Fork" for the audio data. These two "forks" of a file worked together and made it easy to read and stream the audio.
When OS X was introduced, out went the notion of the resource fork. System version by system version, the Sound Designer II format became more and more inaccessible. Most of the time the metadata would be stripped from the file in transport, leaving just the naked audio data. All of the wonderful recordings done digitally in the late 80's and throughout the 90's were becoming harder and harder to reach.
Recovering your history
couldn’t be easier.
If you've ever used an installer, you’re automatically familiar with Audaptor.
Flawless Conversion
Absolutely lossless audio conversion by converting to PCM-only formats. Converts regions and markers, too!
Lost sample rates, bit depths, and channel counts can be assigned and checked with a playback preview.
Split File Formats
Keeps together your left, right, center and surround channels as separate files, on input or output.
Preserves Structure
Your folder hierarchy is kept intact on output, so you don't need to re-organize what was already organized.
Available exclusively on the Mac App Store for just $1.99.
Requires macOS 10.11+.
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